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Weslo Pursuit R 3.2 Review

The WesloPersuit R3.2 gets full marks for economy. Pricing is very reasonable, and the quality is more than acceptable according to most users. The ‘Recumbent Frame Step Thru Design’ is just a cool commercial way of saying it’s nice and low slung and you can get on and off easily: handy to have especially if you’re not very limber to begin with. You lean back comfortably; grip the handlebars and pedal, a deceptively easy way to give yourself a thorough workout.

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Assembly is pretty easy, and most users rate the assembly instructions as ‘clear’ and record 1hr to 1hr 30 min assembly time. The oversized adjustable seat has a comfortable back rest and the seat adjusts forward or backward easily to accommodate either the tall or the tiny adult, allowing for a comfortable workout. The pedals are comfortable and ergonomic too: all in all, a nice design that allows for a comfortable workout.

The action is smooth and quiet as long as you don’t decide to try for one hundred miles an hour. For nice, smooth pedalling rather than the ‘sprinting’ it is whisper quiet so you won’t be drowning out the television or annoying your family or yourself with whizzing and whirring noises.

As with many exercise bikes, there are mutterings that the ‘Dual Grip Heart rate monitor’ on the handlebars doesn’t work – this could be because the touch pad is covered by an almost invisible film for shipping – users who have removed this, report much more accurate readings. If you’ve already got a WesloPersuit R3.2 and have this problem, it might be worth taking a closer look for that removable film.

There aren’t any complaints regarding the quality of the materials or construction. Most users agree that the WesloPersuit 3.2 is excellent value in a home exercise bike. It’s probably not for the competitive sportsman, but as a family fitness tool, it’s more than adequate.

The displays are big and easy to read, but you’ll have to record your results yourself if you want to keep track of them since the display re-sets after use and doesn’t have Bluetooth capability. This said, it’s not everyone that meticulously records the result of their workout, or needs to. A general idea of how you’re doing is enough for most people and there are economies involved in omitting frills that people don’t need any way!

The two built-in target pacer workouts give you a solid, variable paced workout that makes you pedal faster and slower and with more or less resistance as if you were going up and down hills.

This bike may not be top-of the range: it hasn’t got any fancy frills or electronic bells and whistles above the ordinary, but it’s great value for money thanks to durable materials, clever design and user friendliness. If you’re a pro sportsman, this bike isn’t for you, but the WesloPersuit R3.2 is a good choice for those who want to get fit at home without spending a fortune.

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Summary: Weslo Pursuit R 3.2 is offering fantastic value for it's price.


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